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Earth Rod Clamps

Single Conductor - Parallel
Simple and robust, these pinch and U-Bolt type clamps have a vee groove embodied in the casting to accommodate the earthing cable.

Earth Rod Clamps Types EP & ET
For Multi-Conductor Earthing
For two earth conductors parallel to rod, or two or three earth conductors at right angles to rod.

Non-Extendable Rods Heavy Duty Series
Type LGR - Copper Clad
Copper clad only, incorporating driving head and point, nominal diameter 19mm. Recommended clamps: Clamp types EP, ET, GB and FSC provide a copper to copper connection, either in parallel or right angle mode, accommodating single, two and three conductors.

Extendable Earth Rods Taperlock Coupled
Types CTE & STE
Types CTE and STE earth rods are among the simplest to use. They have identical taper ends and are joined by a one piece tapered coupling which locks upon driving. These rods may be driven by hand or machine.
The taperlock earth rod (with suffix 'P') is also available with the same integral point produced on Dulmison non-extendable rods. This arrangement particularly suits installations that have only a limited need to deep drive earth rods.

Consumer Connection Pits

In fibreglass and HDPE these pits exhibit excellent weather and chemical stability for long installation life. Design embodies special ribbing for on site strength and stability. Pits are extendable. Pit covers come in concrete.

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