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Raychem Cable Accessories

Low Voltage Joints, Terminations and End Seals
Inline Joints for plastic and rubber insulated cables up to 1kV with or without armour or concentric neutrals.

Medium Voltage Terminations
IXSU-F/OXSU-F heat-shrinkable medium voltage terminations for single core and three core polymeric cables up to 42kV.

Connection Systems for SF6 Insulated Switchgear
RICS-Insulated adapter termination system for SF6 insulated switchgear up to 24kV.
RCAB-Elastomeric insulating bushing boot for bushings up to 17.5kV.
Filled joint for belted or screened, MI or MIND, three core paper insulated cables up to 12kV.

Wall Feedthroughs and Duct Sealing Systems
Heat-Shrinkable wall feedthroughs for cables with plastic and rubber oversheaths.
Heat-shrinkable cable caps for the electrical power industry.

Repair Sleeves, Tubings and Breakouts
CSRM - Heat-shrinkable wraparound system for rubber sheathed cable repair.
MWTM - Heat-shrinkable medium wall insulating tubing.
WCSM - Heat-shrinkable heavy wall insulating tubing.
Heat-shrinkable cable breakouts for power cables.

Raychem Cable Protection

Heat-Shrink Tubing - Single Wall Tubing
Altera MT1000 (NAMPAC) - Medical grade, USP Class VI, high temperature, semirigid fluoropolymer tubing
CRN (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Semirigid flame retardant polyolefin tubing
DCPT (NAMPAC) Flexible, flame retardant, dual color polyolefin tubing
DR-25 (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Diesel resistant, flexible elastomer tubing
DWP-125 (NAMPAC) Flexible, high shrink ratio, adhesive lined polyolefin tubing
RNF-100 (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Flexible, flame retardant, general purpose polyolefin tubing
RNF-150 (NAMPAC) High performance, flame resistant, flexible fluoropolymer tubing
RNF-3000 (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Flexible, high-shrink ratio, flame retardant, general purpose polyolefin tubing
SFR (NAMPAC) Very flexible, flame retardant silicone elastomer tubing
TFE/TFE-R (EMEA) (NAMPAC) High temperature, chemically inert, modified Teflon tubing
TUGA (NAMPAC) Brightly colored, shiny, non-flame retardant polyolefin tubing
VERSAFIT (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Highly flame retardant, very flexible, low shrink temperature polyolefin tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing - Dual Wall Tubing
ATUM (EMEA) High-shrink ratio, adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing.
DWTC (EMEA) Flexible, moisture proof, adhesive lines, high shrink ratio tubing.
ES1000 (NAMPAC) Clear, high shrink ratio, adhesive lined semirigid polyolefin tubing
ES2000 (NAMPAC) Flame retardant, high shrink ratio, adhesive lined semirigid polyolefin tubing
PD CAPS (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Semirigid encapsulant lined polyolefin caps.
SCL (EMEA) (NAMPAC) Semirigid encapsulant lined polyolefin tubing

Harnessing Tubing
SST (and AST) (NAMPAC) Self-sealing heat-shrinkable tubing
XFFR and ZHS (NAMPAC) Halogen free, flame retardant, heat
shrinkable tubing.

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