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Users in trade and industry regard Wiha tools as reliable, efficiency enhancing and functionally sophisticated aids in their everyday work. For more than 75 years, Wiha has been developing hand tool solutions to simplify daily tasks for their users. With its blend of tradition, innovation, and progress, the Black Forest manufacturer has established itself as one of the global market leaders in the hand tool sector.

Wiha's emphasis on health and ergonomics sets new standards in the industry. Initiating, designing and promoting development Screwdrivers and pliers have long been more than simple workshop aids.

The requirements for hand tools are nearly as demanding as for the users themselves. Functionality and sturdiness served as key criteria for tools in years past, but these have been replaced or surpassed by new features and user requirements. Technical progress, extremely demanding market requirements in terms of quality and efficiency, and the rise in health consciousness among users have resulted in an entirely new and changed perspective within the industry.

Wiha has actively played a part in initiating and shaping this development in its role as a professional partner to users and the trade as a whole. For each new development and innovation, ergonomic aspects and factors relating to increasing efficiency, saving time and cutting costs are linked to improvements. The objective is the ideal combination of all attributes in order to provide users with the greatest possible benefits and advantages for their everyday work. Creative ideas, technical progress, scientific and ergonomic knowledge and the highest quality demands in design gathered over some 75 years have culminated in a range of approximately 3,500 products.

Wiha's product groups include screwdrivers, torque tools, L-keys, bits, soft-faced hammers, pliers, measuring tools and articulated hoses – a portfolio whose quality standards are not only demonstrated by the impressive number of design awards it wins regularly.

Clever, smart and ergonomic – the latest innovations emphasise the Wiha values At the touch of a button, a magazine inside the handle of the "LiftUp 26one®" magazine bit holder opens. Since this product was launched on the market in May 2016, the user now has a total of thirteen standard double bits, in other words twenty-six of the most common drive profiles, in an easily accessible compartment and a wide range of bits within one hand tool. This not only saves space, but also weighs around just 200 g.

Wiha embarked upon new paths in summer 2015 with the launch of the first tool case concept solutions for electricians. Thanks to the organisation of the individual inserts in compartments, 80-piece XL and the 115-piece XXL case models are designed to ensure fast and easy access to all tools. With the comprehensive equipment, electricians have the ideal tool at hand for any application, including the LiftUp electric magazine bit holder, fully insulated screwdrivers from the Wiha Slim range or the TriCut installation pliers, which can perform three different operations with one tool. With the BiCut, Wiha offers switchable heavy-duty diagonal cutters, which can be used extremely flexibly for a huge range of requirements. When the standard capacity of heavyduty diagonal cutters isn't enough, it can even be doubled at the simple press of a button.

The current "stars" of the series of prize-winning new products include Wiha Maxx-Tor Bits for highperformance drills and impact screwdrivers with a significantly longer lifespan thanks to an improved torsion zone, and the premium torque assortment with its recent award winners "iTorque" and "Torque-Vario STR VDE".

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